GPS Forex Robot Review

The Gps Forex Robot has been designed for operating like a Forex scalper. Mostly, it targets the profits of 4-32 pips. This new Forex robot version 2 is quite fast than earlier version 1. the package comes at 149 Euro, only onetime fee.

The creator of this software is Mark Larsen who’s been supported by co-founders ANtony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk. In fact, Mark is an expert trader in his own right, and has indir (3)now developed this useful tool for assisting fellow Forex speculators.

The designers of this software have based its fundamental design on a highly dependable strategy for providing everybody with an ability to successfully trade and earn profits from lucrative Forex market.

So, how good is this Gps Forex Robot in reality?

The promotional material accompanying this device claims that it is one of the most advanced Forex robots on the market at present. How true is this assertive statement? Well, it seems to show fast results because other Forex advisors that came on the market in the past few years have rarely matched the claims of their makers.

imagesThe Gpx Forex Robot has been delivering solid trading performance since its inception mainly due to its innovative design that enable its key parameters to be constantly optimized according to the evolving market conditions. Perhaps its most striking feature is its highly interactive design and simplicity, as it has been coded to specifically target profitable trading opportunities at minimum risk. In particular, this Forex robot is one of the first ones to have been coded in Russia that is constantly generating streams of profit under real life market conditions on almost daily basis.

GPS Forex Robot main features

The software offers an adaptable trading environment offering various parameters. It can be adapted to various trading styles. Traders can set this robot according to the current marketing conditions. Some of its main features are…

• Adapting on Current Market Conditions

• Scalping Forex Robot

• Trading EURUSD but also GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDCHF etcindir

• Focusing on the Asian Session

• Trailing Take-Profit Feature

• A Reverse Strategy has been included that opens trades in the opposite direction to offset occasional losses

Fully customized Forex advisor

Customization is the key feature of Forex Robot. You can customize it to fit any trading style, including swing, intraday traders, and long term traders. Although it can be adapted to any trading style, but its main focus is on short term trading and risk management.


• Fully portable software, meaning you can take it along on your smart phone, thumb drive or other portable products, and it can be operated using any OS.

• It has tons of features

• Simple to operate and is fast

• Highly interactive design


The GPS Forex Robot version 2 is a latest Forex scalper trading a wide range of currencies and mainly focuses on the Asian session. This robot has be extensively tested and is fully adaptable to all trading styles and can also be used in multiple time frames. It performs better on clear trends because it leave sufficient space for stop loss and also implements a tighter profit/loss ratio. This is a good Forex robot that is a must if you trade a lot in Forex markets.

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My Honest GPS Forex Robot Review

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Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking about buying GPS Forex Robot, there weren’t many real reviews around so I thought I’d write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

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